My thoughts on Apple’s new iPod touch “Share The Fun” ad

Is it just me, or is it brutally obvious through Apple’s new iPod touch ad that Steve Jobs is dead and gone?

A still from Apple's new "Share The Fun" ad

I mean, even though Jobs obviously wasn’t sitting right there with the ad agencies and personally directing the spots during his tenure as Apple’s CEO, it still seems to me as if his corporate ideology is just as dead as the man himself when it comes to how Apple conducts their marketing strategy in the Tim Cook era.

When I first saw the ad I linked to above, I had a hard time telling that it was an ad for an Apple product until the iconic logo flashed on the screen at the end. Despite the fact that the advertised product was in use by the commercial’s models throughout the spot, I almost felt that it could have just as easily been an ad for a young adult’s clothing brand, and that the commercial was trying to tell me that the only people who were cool enough to use a gizmo like the iPod touch were people who dressed in (insert clothing brand here)’s faux-retro hats and shoes that look like they’ve been fashioned out of a squirrel killed in the backyard, not that iPod touches are frequently used by people who happen to dress as such.

I don’t delude myself into thinking that Jobs wasn’t attempting to sell a lifestyle in his time at Apple, but he seemed to be able to do it through comparatively staid and minimalist presentations and descriptions of Apple’s offerings, not flashy cavalcades of models hailing from their target demographic that overdose on style and fail to drink from the trough called “substance”.

I suppose, perhaps, that that seemingly-gone harmony of style and substance is yet another example of the status Jobs held and left behind as a one-of-a-kind salesman, love him or hate him.


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