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Illnesses Blow

My apologies for not updating for the past few days. I’ve been fighting off just the second cold I’ve gotten in the past two years, and have had to attend to things more immediate to my health than writing, as much as I might wish that I didn’t have to.

I should be back in commission in the next two or three days with something new to share, as it seems like the world has decided to suddenly start blowing up with stuff for me to post about.


Welcome to The O’Leary Blog

Whether you’re familiar with me from my other online exploits or know of me for the first time through this site, welcome. Over the coming days, weeks, and months, I plan on using this blog to talk about various things going on in the world today, from economics to sports to politics and just about anything else that comes to mind as I go along. Enjoy, and check back often; I plan on updating frequently, with fresh and unique insight on an aforementioned litany of topics as time goes on.